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Why is having a real estate photo taken by a professional is a good investment ?


Why is having a real estate photo taken by a professional is a good investment?


A study by Old Dominion University in Norfolk demonstrates the importance of the first seconds for a property purchase.

This study highlights the fact that 95% of potential customers view the first photo in less than 20 seconds.

This means that in less than 20 seconds, the user has made his choice to know if he continues the visit or if on the contrary, he rejects the advertisement.


Knowing how to arouse the interest of potential customers.


Nowadays, the Internet represents an essential communication lever for all real estate professionals and individuals who are looking for potential buyers.

You must know how to stand out from the competition with quality photos, capable of enhancing the property.

This requires time and especially technique, only a professional photographer will be able to provide his services.

Based on their first impression, the user will decide to continue their virtual visit or to zap.

It is therefore essential to catch the eye with a photo that will highlight the property and make one ad more viewed than another.

The photo must be attractive, with a particularly careful play of light, to enhance the space.

A real estate photo must bring a point of view that will arouse interest and show for example the high-end equipment of a bathroom thus arousing a desire to visit.

Quality visuals will bring the property to its best.


A real estate ad that stands out from the competition.


Normally savvy consumers expect an ad to consist of real estate photos with remarkable quality.

Real estate professionals and individuals wishing to sell or rent a property are in constant competition, the photos taken must allow them to distinguish themselves quickly.

With an advertisement accompanied by professional photos, the real estate will attract the consumer's eye.

Consequently, the real estate agent considerably increases his chances of receiving solicitations from potential clients.

Professional photography perfectly fulfills its role by highlighting the quality of the real estate agency and the property highlighted on the advertisement.


An additional argument for real estate agencies to convince the owners.


Using a professional photographer will allow you to win exclusive mandates.

The quality of real estate photography will allow owners wishing to sell their property to call on your skills.

They will be able to admire the quality real estate that you will be able to provide, to enhance the property for sale.

Customers anxious to sell or rent their property, will be delighted to turn to a competent real estate agent.

A person who will be able to highlight the various assets of the accommodation, through a particularly successful photograph.


An effective long-term strategy.


Another study by Real Trends & Virtuance in 2015 once again highlights the importance of hiring a professional photographer.

Real estate agents who use their services have an average commission twice as high.

To trigger a virtual crush on the future Airbnb buyer or tenant, professional photos have an essential role and will help you to increase your income.

The photograph adds additional value to the advertisement, increasing the likelihood that the property will find a potential customer.

But it also lends credibility to the role of the real estate agent and likewise enhances the individual who has decided to rent or sell his property on his own. .

Why is having a real estate photo taken by a professional is a good investment ?