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Why call on a professionnal real estate photographer to properly showcase your property for rent or for sale ?




When we browse real estate sites or announcements of rentals or sales of goods, we quickly realize that the photos are all too often of poor or average quality

Whether it's an image for a web page, the showcase of a real estate agency, a catalog or a simple impression put on showcase, you must be able to impact your potential customer in order to interest him. Doing it yourself with your own mobile is not necessarily the most advantageous solution. It would indeed be better to entrust this task to a professional qualified in real estate photography, who will find the assets of your property and provide you with promising photographs and guarantees the quality of the photographs taken.

Why is it important to use a professional to make professional photos?

1- To highlight the assets of his property

Whether you want to rent your apartment or sell your home, the point you need to focus on is the image it conveys. Your photos must speak to your customer. Calling on a professional photographer who has been previously trained in the field, is to allow you to highlight your property and, thus, to rent or sell it more easily. Thanks to the knowledge and skills of this professional photographer, you will have the certainty of having, at the end of his work, quality images.

The professional photographer you choose will have the necessary equipment to provide you with high quality photographs: a professional camera for precise shots, a wide-angle lens to avoid cutting off certain areas of the room etc.

2- To differentiate one's property

The mission of the professional photographer: to detect the strong points of your property, to know how to manage the frame, the light, to configure correctly its apparatus, to direct you on the staging of each room, the points to highlight and which angle of view to choose.

The opportunity to differentiate yourself from the many other owners on the web who have poor quality photos and attract the eye of potential customers more easily and quickly. Using photographs taken by a professional increases the number of views of the ad by 60 percent.

3- To benefit from a quality and personalized service

The professional photographer is at your disposal to understand your needs and the history of these places. He will be able to discuss with you about the improvements to be made or the important points to put forward.

Make a selection of photographers close to your home and ask to see their portfolio to judge if their work pleases you before making a decision.

Then ask them clearly how long the shoot will last, if there are additional costs or if they work in a lump-sum way, how many prints you will have and in what format (paper, jpg, tiff, USB stick, remote transmission) and if they give you the rights of photos?

Using a specialized professional photographer to showcase your property is thus highly recommended.




Why call on a professionnal real estate photographer to properly showcase your property for rent or for sale ?