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What is a corporate portrait photographer ?


What is a corporate portrait photographer ?

Nowadays, communication through visuals is an integral part of language and this is true in all areas of the professional world. A simple photo of your company's setting, a portrait of your employees or a picture of your achievements will bring out the brand image and know-how of your company.

A corporate portrait photographer is aimed at small companies, large companies, SMEs, liberal professionals, craftsmen, and any structure or institution that wishes to stand out from its competitors and win the confidence of its customers by highlighting its human values and the know-how of its teams through a staging during photo shoots.

Corporate photography as a communication support.

The corporate portrait or group photo sends back to your customers the seriousness and the quality of your services and the professionalism of your collaborators. It is therefore essential that these professional photographs are made by a specialized photographer who will be able to give a tone and inspiration during the photo session to remain faithful to the image of your company and its values. The corporate portrait photographer makes a real photographic work using a neutral background that will highlight the collaborator. He uses specific lighting to highlight the features of each person and, through his experience, he will put the participants at ease to make them look as natural as possible. And beyond all these techniques that he masters and that allow the realization of quality corporate portraits, a professional photographer will know how to use different shooting parameters such as contrast, sharpness, depth, shadows and colors.

What is the purpose of a corporate portrait?

Owning a corporate photograph helps to improve the corporate image of a company. These portraits can be used within your company for internal communication purposes, but also to promote your brand or services through a marketing campaign, or to create human links on your website or in publications on social networks. Communication tools are more and more turned towards digital and adding corporate portraits to your traditional content allows you to humanize the first contact that your customers and partners will have with your company.

Corporate photography: an asset for your collaborators.

More and more, identity is becoming a digital tool and forging an image on the networks has become essential for anyone who wants to work on their network communication. The corporate portrait is becoming an effective tool for distribution in the media, in the profiles of professional networks such as LinkedIn or on a business card. Corporate identity photography can also become an asset in the presentation of a CV that allows to put a face on a name and to arouse curiosity about a person's background.


A professional photographer will be able to advise you to realize, at your side, efficient corporate portraits for your communication.

What is a corporate portrait photographer ?