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How to scan your pictures for the optimal result?

comment choisir une photo ancienne à restaurer et la scanner pour avoir une restauration optimisée

How to prepare a photo to send for restoration ?

You came across old albums filled with memories, very dusty albums that you almost forgot about.
But the weather and time have unfortunately left some unwanted traces on.
Can we restore any type of old photography or only some?
How to scan them with your scanner for the best results?

1- What kind of photographs can be restored?

Eliminate blurry photos, those that are not aesthetic or that do not add anything to your story or artistic touch.
For all the others, do not hesitate to call a restoration specialist which will be able to treat them correctly and to give them a second life with a beautiful appearance. A photographer specializing in photo restoration can remove most of the damage caused by many years: eliminate stains, scratches, fading colors, brightness and contrast, increase sharpness…etc...

2- How to scan photos

Here are the essential steps to scan your photos:

  • Use a scanner or printer / scanner.
  • Check the scanning area. This area is used to define the size of the image to be scanned. Remember to clean the glass of your scanner with a soft cloth to avoid any dirt or dust or fingerprints on the platen glass.
  • Scan your photo in Color Only mode (button on your scanner) even if it is in black and white, this is very important.
  • Then scan your photo size 100%, very important in order to get as much information as possible, actually that is the “DNA” of the photo - the more details the better.
  • Choose the format JPEG.
  • Finally the choice of the resolution will allow you to obtain more or less details in the image. This resolution is expressed in dpi select at least 300 dpi and if possible 600 dpi. The higher the scanning resolution, the easier it will be for the specialist to restore the photos to make them look youthful.

Now you're ready to scan your shots, you just have to send them to your photographer..

How to scan your pictures for the optimal result?