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Has the cellphone camera ruined photography ?



Has the cellphone, camera ruined photography?


Since the arrival of the pioneer Apple with its IPhone in 2007 and the Huawei P30 pro (best photophone of the year 2019), all the manufacturers have competed with their imagination and ingenuity to make their smartphones real cameras. Faced with the emergence of a new way of thinking about photography, the telephone has changed behavior and directly competed with the photographs taken by professionals. However, taking photos with a Google Pixel 3A, Samsung galaxy or other phone in order to post them on social networks does not transform us into a professional photographer! So how did the appearance of photo smartphones harm photography?


Marketing and subliminal image


If there is one area in which smartphone manufacturers have real control, it is marketing. Since the beginning of mobile phones with cameras, technology and artificial intelligence have greatly evolved. This is true for all the features and characteristics of smartphones and even more so in on-board cameras. Each model brings a lot of new features (photo sensors, ultra-wide angle, HDR mode, portrait modes, image stabilizer ...).

With these advances, manufacturers make no secret of their intentions and want us to believe that a smartphone with a camera, as sophisticated as it is, systematically takes beautiful photos. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different! Because, without doubting everyone's abilities, mastering at the same time the color, the light, the sharpness, the depth, whatever the working environment, requires know-how, technical knowledge and photographic skills who don't improvise. The artistic fiber can give very interesting renderings, but without technique and development, it loses of efficiency.

Professional photography equipment has no equal


This little sentence perfectly sums up the place of smartphones with cameras compared to the equipment available to professional photographers. It is very possible to take beautiful photos with a smartphone, however, the rendering will always remain incomparable to a shot made with the professional camera, by a professional photographer. The difference becomes even more evident when it comes to modifications.

Indeed, exploiting snapshots from photos taken by a smartphone can become an obstacle course for a flawless rendering. To put it simply and taking the example of the sharpness of the photo. For that, it is necessary to enlarge, retouch the photos and give them a perfect sharpness. On any smartphone, the optical zoom pixelates the image, and causes the levels of detail sought to be lost.

In addition, each smartphone has a special shade in order to adapt and calibrate at best to the screen used by the brand. When photos change media, we don't actually find the same color rendering.

Why choose a professional photographer?


For all the reasons mentioned above and because a smartphone with camera cannot replace the professionalism of a photographer with adequate equipment ...

Thus, using a professional photographer is the guarantee of photos with incomparable image quality and on high quality supports, selected with care and in any format (black and white, contrast, etc.).  And beyond the unsurpassed technique, it is above all to choose a professional look on your shots, with all the experience and sensitivity he shows, as a true passionate!

Has the cellphone camera ruined photography ?